Kentucky Trip   ~  September  2012

Photos by:  Jim McMullen and Maggie Mullins

PARTICIPANTS:  Jim McMullen, Maggie Mullins, Maria Acosta & Keith Spalding

THE TRIP:  DAY 1> Depart Franklin, OH and meet at Cracker Barrel at Exit 159, I-75 in Dry RIdge KY.  Then rode KY-22 west to KY-227 south by Georgetown into the north side of Lexington, KY.  Apx. 130 miles.  MAP

DAY 2> Departed Lexington and headed south thru Danville, Somerset, near Monticello, then east over to Corbin.  185 miles.  MAP

DAY 3> Departed Corbin, KY and headed northeast thru Jackson and up to Morehead, KY.  Apx. 205 miles.  MAP

DAY 4> Departed Morehead, KY and traveled thru Ripley, OH to Franklin, OH.  Apx. 128 miles.  MAP





Quick break along KY-22 or KY-227, can't remember which one.

Chilling out at Jermy and Heather's new home.

Preparing for departure for southern Kentucky.

You see all kinds of different modes of transportation.

Taking a break along KY-790 east of Monticello.


Passing thru Hyden, KY on
KY-80 / US-421.

Just one of several pictures Maggie took from the passenger seat during our trip.

Lunch break in Jackson, KY.

Departing the Motel in Morehead, KY.






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