Ohio-Indiana-Kentucky Trip  ~  2010

August 30th, 31st  &  September 1st, 2nd

Photos by:  Jim McMullen 

The Plan:  1> Meet in Tell City, IN on Monday evening.  (Jim from Franklin, OH, Dave from Cloverdale, IN2> Ride to Lexington, KY on Tuesday.  3>  Return to Tell City, IN on Wednesday.  4>  Thursday, head for home (Dave to Cloverdale, Jim to Franklin).

Had great weather for a change for the whole 4 day trip.  Plenty of sunshine and heat.  It could of been a little cooler, but we didn't have any rain, so I'm not complaining.



Breaktime in Friendship IN
Quick Break in Friendship, IN

Short stop over in Madison, IN
Lanier Mansion in Madison, IN

Short stop over in Madison, IN
View from the Mansion looking at the Ohio River - Madison, IN

Madison, IN
Another angle looking at the Ohio River
Ferry Crossing
Waiting for the Ferry south of Lexington, KY
Photo taken by:  Kafka Liz

Acosta's - Lexington, KYAcosta's - Lexington, KY

Checking & changing the route back to Tell City, IN.                Jay & Dave BS'ing, Jim mapping the day's route.
Breaktime - Mannsville, KY
Break in Mannsville, KY

Holiday Inn - Tell City, IN
Holiday Inn - Tell City, IN  Nice place to stay when in the area.  Dave is  waiting to get the day started.

Jim riding
Took an accidental picture while trying to get the camera ready to
take a picture while riding (not recommended).

Dave riding
The picture I took while riding.
Dave is following me.  You can
see my helmet from me taking the
picture over my head.

Overlook Rest. - Leavenworth, IN
Nice looking restaurant over
looking the Ohio River.  Overlook Restaurant - Leavenworth, IN

Overlook Rest. - Leavenworth, IN
Ohio River view from the
overlook beside the restaurant.  Leavenworth, IN

Overlook Rest. - Leavenworth, IN
Another Ohio River view
 from the overlook beside the restaurant.

 Directions- Tell City to Lexington to Tell City          Map- Tell City to Lexington to Tell City           Directions- Tell City to Lexington to Tell City
Map/Route from Tell City, IN to Lexington, KY and return to Tell City, plus all the Waypoints and Stops.






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