Blue Ridge Parkway Trip ~ 1999

Photos by:  Jim McMullen & Maggie Mullins

Below are 20 pictures from a trip that my better-half and I took back in August 1999 on a 1986 Honda Goldwing.  We traveled the entire length of the Blue Ridge Parkway (469 miles) during this trip. 

We started the trip in Franklin, Ohio, which is located between Dayton and Cincinnati.  We headed east to the Shenandoah National Park, VA traveling largely on US-50 once we got over to Chillicothe, Ohio.   Our first night was spent in Royal Front, VA near the beginning of the park.  On day 2 we cruised south thru the National Park and onto the beginning of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  

During most of the trip thru Virginia on the BR Pkwy was done in fog, sometimes very thick.   We didn't hit any rain, but the fog was so heavy that we needed our rain suits on!   With all the winding roads the fog made for some tense riding in spots.  Our second overnight stop was in Troutville, VA (Roanoke Area).

On our third day out we finished riding the BR Pkwy and cruised north thru the Great Smoky National Park, thru Gatlinburg, TN and ended up spending the night in the Ashville, NC area.

From Ashville, NC we proceeded north back to Franklin, Ohio mostly cruising up I-75.   This ride was actually a quick trip, but time only allowed us four days to make the loop.   Next time I make this loop, hopefully the fog won't be quite so bad and I'll have another day or two to cruise the parkway.

 An 1.5  Hour Video of a Blue Ridge Parkway - video by YouTuber "Through My Lens"

National Park Service BRP - LINK

Blue Ridge Parkway - Interactive Map - LINK

Our Route Map - 1400+ miles



NC/VA State line...looking into Virginia (39200 bytes) NC/VA State line...looking into North Carolina (36241 bytes) Plenty of clouds & fog (16271 bytes) BR_Pkwy5.JPG (13863 bytes)
Too much fog to see the view (14895 bytes) BR_Pkwy7.JPG (14401 bytes) BR_Pkwy8.JPG (16043 bytes) Some sun at last! (29567 bytes)
Back to more fog.. (16679 bytes) Driving the bike thru the fog was nerve racking at times.. (16181 bytes) BR_Pkwy12.JPG (23595 bytes) BR_Pkwy13.JPG (14729 bytes)
BR_Pkwy14.JPG (14102 bytes) Marby Mill (27052 bytes) Marby Mill lunch break... (35263 bytes) BR_Pkwy16a.JPG (32804 bytes)
Still at Marby Mill... (34752 bytes) Plenty of neat tunnels on the Blue Ridge Parkway.. (35200 bytes) Small brook beside the road.. (43514 bytes) Deer watching us.. (28311 bytes)





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