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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- What's up with posting all these motorcycle trips, pictures, etc. on a regular "www" webpage/website instead of using Facebook, Instagram, etc.?

A1- I have found it a convienant way to list out all my (and others) various trips in order to keep track of them. As fast as the years seem to go by, memories and pictures tend to fade and get forgotten or lost over time. Especially the chronological order of the trips, which tend to be easy to get confused on. It's also an easy way for me, or anybody, to view the trip archives when they are out and about and not able to use their own computers. The trips are available to view on any device by just entering www.OhioMotorcycling.com.

Q2- Why do you add additional LINKS to your webpages like campgrounds, state and national parks, maps, etc.?

A2- I do that so that if an individual(s) veiwing the trip webpage wants to check out the route we took on the trip or a camping location that we used, it's available to them without them having to do an extended online search. It is also a good way for me to review and relive the events from the trip also.  Plus, it's just plain fun to view some of the LINKS.

Q3 - What's the "secure by positiveSSL" image all about?

A3 - Shows that this website uses a PositiveSSL Certificate to secure online transactions for customers.  While there isn't really any transactions being performed like using credit cards, etc., it just makes people feel more secure should they copy and download any of the pictures, etc.

Q4 - Do you have two different websites that you upload and post to and utilize for different reasons?

A4 -- Yes I do, and both of the websites have been around for over 10+ years.  The OhioMotorcycling website is where I primiarly upload and store my various motorcycle trips I've taken thru out the years along with other individuals and their trips.  The Quik-Info website is now utilized more like my personal website where I display the most common LINKS that I like to use frequently.  It is my start page in my browser when I open it up.  As you probably noticed, this website/homepage centers around a lot of camping information for both RV'ers, motorcycle riders and regular campers.

Q5 - What do I do if I find a LINK in your webpages that doesn't work anymore or an image that doesn't display correctly or not at all?

A5 -- Just send me an email message with enough information about the problem/error so that I can locate the LINK and/or issue that you are referencing.  That should allow me to locate it and fix the problem.



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